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Mark A. and Bob S.
2017-12-14, 19:35
We would like to take this opportunity to share with you our appreciation for the generous Shop Rite Gift Card you have provided us. We will be able to assist in making the Holiday Season brighter for many of our clients.
Because of you, Buddies of New Jersey, Inc. can make a real difference in the lives of the over 400 people we serve.
Jennifer F.
2017-10-02, 21:04
As executives in a company, we all face challenges on a daily basis to keep company costs down. I would like to personally thank you for helping us in this area.
Because of Smart Scan Solutions donating a copier for us to use during the 4 month of baseball season, New Jersey Jackals has be able to keep our cost down. Their generosity has been a major factor in keeping us a family friendly activity. I would recommend Smart Scan Solutions to any business looking for new solutions to their coping/ scanning needs.
Susan R.
2017-09-30, 17:54
We have relied on your company for several years for all of our copier needs and we were interested in seeing how Smart Scan Solutions might ve able to solve our many issues we were having with our business telephones.
Your team was able to lower our telephone bill in half, and with those savings we were able to obtain a brand new state-of-the-art technology telephone system at no additional monthly cost! What's more, we received installation, customized voicemail setup, and training with highly competent and very professional technicians.
I would most assuredly recommend Smart Scan Solutions to any of my customers or anyone needing a new phone system. We were very satisfied with the fact that we slashed our monthly phone bill in half, obtained a brand new phone system with state-of-the-art technology \ at no additional monthly cost!
Alla P.
2016-12-22, 19:41
I am writing this to extend my heartiest appreciation to you for giving me timely service of my new copy machine.
I truly appreciate the way you handle customer concerns and solve them so effectively. Your professionalism in dealing with your customers and taking care of tem is commedable
Mark A and Bob S.
2016-08-04, 20:47
Thank You!
We are very pleased with our new Copier Equipment and Albert has been instrumental in the successful installation and extremely efficient with any needed additional service.
Salvatore Cataldo
2016-07-27, 20:50
After looking and comparing with several other DMS companies, Smartsearch became our leading decision.
The preparation and expectations of the product were as promised. There were some areas of scanning that other companies could not recognize, which made it cumbersome for our users.
Square9 solutions has a variety of areas that help make our search easier to manage, like barcode scanning and word search. As a Laboratory we have many different types of documents, and Square9 is able to store and be searchable with very little impact to the user
Jennifer F.
2016-04-21, 17:54
We just signed up for a new HP Copier. I was very impressed with the speed that it was delivered and set up for our company need. All questions and needs are met with prompt and efficient service and support. Smart Scan Solutions has been a major factor in our company's daily coping, faxing and scanning running smoothly on a daily basis.
I can confidently recommend Smart Scan Solutions, LLC as a solid and reliable supplier for all your copying needs, and experts in their field.
Barbara J. W.
2015-12-17, 19:26
We wish to thank you for your "going beyond the call of duty" in delivering toner for our machine in the wee hours of the morning. Without your due diligence, we would not have been able to complete our Souvenir Journals for our Pastor's 25th Anniversary.